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From Burt's friend Hank in Oregon:
I think it's a great pursuit for you.  You might even consider an occasional and casual, party-like, group session where all your students who wish to attend can see what the others are doing and how.  The ground rules are simple - no criticism, just praise and confidence building.  I attended such a group encounter with my stepson, who now leads the band "It Prevails" (they're all over YouTube) when he was just starting guitar.  The students who were quick studies or naturals showed the others some slick shortcuts and ways to make the mental part "connect" easier.  It was so cool.  The peer connect was meaningful to them.
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Burt, you're a fantastic guitar player and also a fantastic teacher.  I sure could learn an awful lot from you. 
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Burt keep on rockin dude!!!  I have never heard the bends and the phrasing you use!  Over the top playing!
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Donna M:
So happy to see you are following your dream.  You are so talented.
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