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Dave Hawkins Guitar Lessons Teacher

Dave Hawkins Guitar Lessons Guitar Teacher
Guitar Lessons With Dave Hawkins
Fiddle Lessons (available, contact Dave)
Alternative, Rock, Country, Blues, Folk, & More
Chords, Leads, Theory, Songs, Tab, Notation, Whatever
Dave Hawkins is a professional musician and plays  more than 130 gigs every year.  To visit his website click here.
A native of Easton, Md, Dave started taking guitar lessons when he was 8 years old.  He is a professional musician who plays 130+ gigs every year.  He has decades of experience Playing and Teaching. Early on Dave started playing in local bands which included the favorite “Riff Raff.”  A sabbatical from the public followed, and song  writing began that ultimately culminated in two CD's, Two-Way Mirror and Timing both of which are usually available for sale at his gigs.  
Visit The Dave Hawkins Music Website
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