Marshall Lead 20 Amplifier
Marshall Lead 20 Amplifier
These Are Getting Hard To Find!
Marshall Lead 20 Amplifier
Real Vintage Marshall Roar
(this amp is about 25 years old)

Marshall Lead 20 Combo Amplifier  in great shape.  No noise, no problems.  1980's JCM 800 era amp, 10" Celestion Speaker.  20 watts. This amp sounds great, has that Marshall roar.  Sounds good clean too, but I prefer the dirty Marshall sound.

Again, this is an older solid state Marshall mid eighties amp, with original Celestion G10L-35 speaker at 8 ohms. Works great for practice, recording, and gigging.  I have personally used it for all three.  Catalog model  #5002.

Typical Marshall Features for tone:

  • Single Channel with High and Low inputs
  • gain, volume, treble, middle, bass. 
Nothing else is needed for that warm fat Marshall tone. Has front panel line level out/ headphone jack..

It does the clean thing really well and for a little amp like this the distortion is just is  unreal. This amp was built and came directly from Marshall in England so this comes as no surprise... it is LOUD!  The louder you turn it up the more it reacts like a pure tube amp (natural compression). 

Approx 18.5"  wide x 18" tall x 10" deep.   Owners Manual included.

Price: $250 SOLD

Shipping & Insurance Estimate $50 to Lower 48 States

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